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Minimizing work stress around time off

There are many things that can cause stress when on the job, but what about when you’re not working? Maybe certain stressors from work follow you into personal time, or maybe as a physician recruiter, the idea alone of taking time off spurs a different kind of stress – just by being away.

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CV review – What to look for and what to look past

Nearly every job requires candidates to submit a resume. For jobs within hospital systems, physician practice groups, universities, medical schools or for research, a curriculum vitae (CV) is preferred. As a physician recruiter, it’s good to know best practices when reviewing a CV.

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How candidates investigate your opportunity

When you come across a candidate with a promising profile, you probably do a little more outside research before calling them for an interview, right?

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How to craft a job description that compels the right candidates

Up until recently, one of the greatest challenges for physician recruiters has been the current physician shortage in the U.S., which according to data published in 2019 by the Association of American Medical Colleges was expected to reach 122,000 by 2032. However, the gap between the current and projected shortage has only narrowed over the past couple months, with an unforeseeable and jarring 1.4 million health care workers furloughed or laid off in April alone.  

Regardless of whether your organization has had to make cuts, these 1.4 million recently unemployed health professionals will be actively seeking opportunities for the foreseeable future. An increased volume of job seekers could mean an increased volume of applicants responding to your postings, giving you the benefit (and challenge) of more prospects to parse through.

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