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Is your organization’s profile working?

Let’s say you’re looking for a new bank. You head to a review site to seek out promising options for an organization that you can trust and will fulfill your needs. When you head to the first prospect’s website, it’s practically abandoned. There’s little description of their services, few features highlighted, no visuals or contact information, and not much to inspire confidence that this is the right place to handle something as important as your finances. Based on your first look at their brand, you might continue searching for something more appealing, inviting and compelling, right? 

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Reduce time-to-hire with a structured process

The longer a position remains open, the higher the costs incurred for your organization, and the longer your patients may be without quality care. Reducing the time it takes from posting a job to extending an offer will allow you to fill positions more quickly and perform your job more efficiently.

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Better branding: increasing candidate awareness of your organization

As a physician recruiter, you want your health system to be recognizable and trustworthy to job-seeking candidates. To do that, you’ll need to draw candidate awareness to your organization, not just your opportunities.

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Here to help

As you continue to experience the effects of the pandemic, you might have recruitment on hold, a shift in open positions, smaller staff or you might even start getting back to normal.

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