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Retention starts with a signed offer

When a candidate signs their offer letter, they plan to be with your organization for the duration of their contract – if not longer.

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Knowing which compensation model best fits your candidates

A large consideration for candidates when comparing offers is salary and bonus structure. Compensation packages vary between organizations and contracts, so you want to ensure the organization or practice’s method for incentive pay and overall compensation is included in your offer and is clear and attractive to the candidate.

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Building trust with your candidates

Trust is an important trait in all relationships, and that rings true with the association between recruiter and candidate. When a candidate trusts you, they will feel comfortable sharing information about themselves, open up to you and work with you throughout the recruitment process.

But how do you build trust before speaking with a candidate, and while you’re recruiting them?

Here are ways to establish credibility and provide great service in your recruitment.

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Reduce time-to-hire with a structured process

The longer a position remains open, the higher the costs incurred for your organization, and the longer your patients may be without quality care. Reducing the time it takes from posting a job to extending an offer will allow you to fill positions more quickly and perform your job more efficiently.

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