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How to craft a job description that compels the right candidates

Posted by Alexandra Cappetta on Jun 2, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Craft a compelling job posting and  attract the right applicants.Up until recently, one of the greatest challenges for physician recruiters has been the current physician shortage in the U.S., which according to data published in 2019 by the Association of American Medical Colleges was expected to reach 122,000 by 2032. However, the gap between the current and projected shortage has only narrowed over the past couple months, with an unforeseeable and jarring 1.4 million health care workers furloughed or laid off in April alone.  

Regardless of whether your organization has had to make cuts, these 1.4 million recently unemployed health professionals will be actively seeking opportunities for the foreseeable future. An increased volume of job seekers could mean an increased volume of applicants responding to your postings, giving you the benefit (and challenge) of more prospects to parse through.

Your job postings are a vehicle that delivers opportunities to candidates. You want to be polished and attractive, but you wouldn’t ask just anyone to hop in for a ride would you?

What if the goal isn’t to just increase traffic to your job postings, but rather, to make them distinguishable, and therefore, more compelling to the candidates that you actually want to recruit?

What if you could craft descriptions that draw a more targeted selection of applicants – those with qualifications and interests that make them more likely to fall in love with your community?

But, how?

Above all, set yourself apart. Your post should distinguish your organization’s values in order to attract applicants who share them.

You want the physicians you recruit and hire to love their job and be passionate as they practice. But, to get to that point, your posting and job description should paint a vivid picture of what you’re offering and what it would actually be like to practice at your facility.

Stay up to date on changes and be clear about new protocols in place for onboarding, training and PPE at your facility. A compelling description will leverage your organization, while still being transparent (candidates WILL pick up on that). The better you know your facility’s size, culture and current function, the more finely you can tune your job postings to the candidates who will be drawn to them.   

Keep in mind that choosing a job is also choosing a city, county and state. Location could be the number one factor for potential hires, maybe now more than ever. Now is the time to be explicit about your geographical area’s needs. Not only will candidates appreciate your acknowledgement of the current climate, but they’ll be able to envision what role they’ll play in filling those needs on a grander scale.

If your organization is in a large metropolitan area, express that a larger population means a greater need for advanced practice providers who are able to provide care during this time. You might also angle your larger community as an opportunity for candidates to join a more diverse culture of physicians and receive potential mentorship from other experienced professionals. When it comes to your surrounding area, highlight the city’s culture, diversity and surrounding attractions.

If you’re recruiting in a rural area, emphasize the personal benefits of being directly involved in healing a community and its members on a more personal basis. Position your organization as a close-knit team of providers who practice in a unified work environment. You can also play up the benefits of the area, like wildlife, attractions, culture – anything that might appeal to candidates about where your facility is situated.

At this time, some candidates will know exactly what locations or practice models they’re interested in and what kind of opportunities they’re seeking. Others will want to consider multiple facilities, teams, cultures and opportunities before determining their best fit. Regardless, the more you know your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, the more capable your job postings will be at distinguishing your community and compelling the right candidates to click “apply.”  


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