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Reduce time-to-hire with a structured process

Megan Trippi
Posted by Megan Trippi on Sep 8, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Shrink the time from posting a job to hiring an employee.The longer a position remains open, the higher the costs incurred for your organization, and the longer your patients may be without quality care. Reducing the time it takes from posting a job to extending an offer will allow you to fill positions more quickly and perform your job more efficiently.

In order to decrease the time it takes to complete the recruitment cycle, you will first need to have a structured process in place. This should include knowing the role and posting the job, sourcing candidates and tracking applicants.

Once you have an opening, be sure you write your job posting with attractive details that encourage quality candidates to apply. To get your jobs noticed, you should include a clear title and description with keywords a physician or APP might search.

You can continuously source candidates for current openings or add them to your candidate pipeline for future openings. You can also search candidate databases based on specific criteria, develop email campaigns to contact candidates or chat one-on-one with potential hires.

When you have a pool of applicants, a robust applicant tracking system will help manage them and move them through the recruitment process once they’ve applied to your opening. Track milestones such as when a contact is made, you have conversations, you conduct interviews and site visits and present offers, as well as those you’ve decided not to extend this round. Keeping track of the applicants and noting the step in the process will keep you organized and maintain movement in the cycle.

Having a recruitment strategy, a way to post and distribute jobs, source candidates and track applicants will decrease the time from posting your opening to hiring a quality physician. PracticeLink Recruitment Management System provides a candidate database and job board where your jobs are automatically distributed across the web and to your own organization website, Candidate Relationship Manager and Applicant Tracking System, allowing you to recruit more effectively with a seamless, all-in-one solution.

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