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How much time does it take to recruit a physician?

Anna Sottosanti
Posted by Anna Sottosanti on Nov 7, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Physician recruitment is a process that can take anywhere from a few months to years depending on a variety of factors. The vetting and hiring process for physicians has become more intense over the years, which can help recruiters ensure a strong match and better long-term retention. Things to consider when implementing your recruitment plan are: the type of physicians you are targeting, the specialty you are in search of, and the location of your facility.

Image - How much time does it take to recruit a physician.jpgWhat kind of physician are you recruiting?

Today, millennials are the largest share of the American workforce, and by 2025, they will be 75 percent of the global workforce. Tailor your job description to include details that are important to millennials, such as a work/life balance and company culture. Read this blog by Dr. Chesney Fowler for more information on how to hire millennial physicians.

It is important to target job candidates when they’re searching for jobs in order to gain maximum exposure. Due to the licensing and credentialing process, recent graduates begin their job searching efforts up to two years prior to graduation.

Which specialty are you recruiting?

ASPR, the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters, conducted research in 2016 and found the industry average for recruiting times based on specialty divisions and specific specialties. According to their findings, the specialty with the longest time to recruit is gastroenterology, which can take up to 267 days.

Where are you recruiting?

Both urban and rural facilities pose their own unique recruitment challenges.

Urban facilities have a high level of competition with other local organizations, as they often compete for the same candidates. Like remote rural locations, underserved urban areas can also be difficult to find physicians to fill the necessary roles.

The shortage of physicians in rural areas has been a challenge to recruiters for many years. Although 20 percent of the U.S. population lives in rural areas, only 9 percent of physicians choose to work in these areas. Rural health care facilities cannot change the fact that they may be in a remote area, but they can change the way they market the quality of their practice and community. Read this PracticeLink blog for tips on selling your rural opportunity.

How to optimize your physician recruitment efforts

Here at PracticeLink, we offer a suite of products, called a PowerPack, that can help you recruit the physicians you need and drive traffic to your jobs. Learn more about how our services can help you maximize your physician recruitment efforts!

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