Download First Practice, The Resident and Fellow Career Guide

Learn ‘When to Do What in Your Job Search’—from writing your CV to negotiating your contract!

First Practice

What The Guide Covers

Starting your search

Motivation to start seeking job opportunities in the locations where you’d like to live

Writing your CV

A helpful list of what to include as well as guidance about length and layout

Getting references

How to request and vet references—and prep them for employers’ calls

Defining your priorities

What to consider—from your beliefs and values to your short- and long-term goals

Reaching out to employers

Tips for writing your cover letter, sending out your CV and actively networking

Prepping and interviewing

When to schedule interviews, how to prep and when to cancel

Accepting an offer

How to analyze opportunities, select the best fit and accept a job

Negotiating your contract

Tips on seeking legal counsel and planning for licensing and relocation