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Vol. 2, Issue 1. Sponsored by MINK.

We're excited to bring you the newest issue of PracticeLink Pulse– your peek behind the career scene in the Midwest
with exclusive career advancement resources, featured jobs and job-search advice from industry experts.

Who is this physician recruiter?

Who is This Physician Recruiter and Why are They Calling Me So Often?

Most organizations use physician recruiters to fill opportunities. They can be in-house, agency or a combination of the two. Learn about each type of physician recruiter, what motivates them and how you can utilize a recruiter to land your next opportunity.


Looking for that WorkLife Balance?

Looking for that work/life balance?

A healthy work/life balance is critical to any job search, but it can mean something different to each individual. You need to ask yourself important questions and figure out what you value most in your work and personal lives to find the balance for which you’re looking.



As a new physician, you might be spending your time finding the right place to practice and focusing on helping patients. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t think about a management or leadership role. Even if running a health system or hospital department isn’t in your plans, you should still seek out opportunities to develop your leadership skills. Being a leader will help with career advancements and effective care for patients.

The way back home
Is moving back home to practice the right decision for you? Two physicians share their experience and why they chose to practice where they had roots. Their stories may help you realize if going back home is your calling as a physician.


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MINK Recruiter Rob Dinneen

Meet a MINK recruiter: Rob Dinneen

Rob Dinneen is a physician recruiter for Liberty Hospital, a 225 bed Level II trauma center in Liberty, Missouri (Kansas City metro area)

CLICK HERE to learn more about Rob

Liberty Hospital is Hiring